Lodge at Eagle Rock Lodge at Eagle Rock

Gear & What to Wear


We recommend our clients use mid- to fast-action, high-modulus graphite rods. To suit Montana’s diverse conditions, 5 to 7 weight rods are best. For anglers interested in fishing smaller streams and creeks, 4 weights are the most appropriate.


Your reels should not only match your rod weight, but also have a quality drag system for our wild trout. Spools are optional, but we do recommend them for shooting heads with heavier-weight rods.


We prefer you use weight-forward lines matching your rod weight, or overloaded by one weight for casting in the wind. 130 grain and 200 grain shooting heads are optional, but are best for chasing larger fish on streamers. If still-water fishing is your cup of tea, then bring spools with full intermediate sinking lines or intermediate heads.

Flies and Terminal Tackle

Our outfitters will provide you with all terminal tackle and flies including leaders, tippets, and bugs. If you are interested in tying or buying your own patterns, feel free to use the bench at the Lodge. It’s a great way to have exactly the right flies to match the next day’s hatches.

What to wear

In the spring, the weather can change a lot and can be chilly and wet. Layering is strongly recommended. In the summer, sun clothing is important because of the intense UV radiation at higher altitudes. We recommend hats to shade you from the sun. Breathable clothing with high SPF protection can also help prevent a sunburn that could ruin your trip. Sunscreen is important too to deal with water reflection. And polarized sunglasses are a must! Fall is likely to be cool in the morning and evenings but can really warm up mid day.  Once again layering is a good idea.

Lightweight, quick-dry clothing are always a good idea. You can use sandals or flip-flops in the boats. If you’re wading, we recommend wading shoes, sandals or boots.

Jackets, Waders and Boots

Due to the diverse weather conditions in Montana, we suggest you bring the following clothing:

  • Good quality Gore-tex® (or other breathable material) jacket for wind and rain protection
  • Breathable, stocking-foot waders with high-grade wading boots and good ankle support for walking on uneven terrain
  • Wading staffs for balance and support
  • Wading belts for added buoyancy and safety

* Spiked boots are best left home as they are hard on the floors of rafts and boats.

For dinner, please come casual. We want you to be comfortable!

Gear can also be purchased or rented at the following stores:

Great Falls: Big R Fly Shop or Scheels Sports
Helena: Montana Fly Goods and Bob Wards and Sons
Craig: The Trout Shop, Crosscurrents and Headhunters