Lodge at Eagle Rock Lodge at Eagle Rock

Where to fish

Our endorsing outfitters and their guides operate on the nearby Missouri River and its tributaries such as Prickly Pear Creek, Belt Creek, Blackfoot River, the Dearborn River, Flat Creek, the Sun River, and others. Nearby Holter and Hauser lakes are also popular spots.

Our endorsing outfitters use drift boats on the Missouri River, and rafts for smaller estuaries. And with all these places to choose from, they can provide excellent catch-and-release fishing, privacy and solitude, and a wide range of fishing experiences.

Some of our endorsing outfitters are also Coast Guard captains and can take you by jet boat to some exceptional fishing spots where drift boats can’t go, including The Land of the Giants. Jet boat excursions are not included in package rates and additional charges will apply.